I.S.Rating is the world's first rating company specialized in information security.

Basic policy on information security

With the aim of becoming a model company in the field of information security management and taking full responsibility and pride as the world's first information security rating company, I.S.Rating declares the maintenance of a strict and advanced security environment to be one of our top priorities.

1. Security management and responsibility
I.S.Rating shall establish an information security management system and clarify the responsibilities of officers and employees based on strict internal regulations regarding information security.
2. Implementation of controls according to risks
I.S.Rating shall implement advanced information security controls from the perspectives of organization, personnel, and physical security and/or business continuity in accordance with the risks inherent in each information asset.
3. Code of conduct for officers and employees
In our internal regulations, I.S.Rating shall set forth and stipulate obligations of officers, employees and information security rating analysts in charge of rating to maintain confidentiality and comply with laws. At the same time we promise to maintain the confidentiality of our business partners' information and to implement reliable and credible ratings.
4. Contribution to society
I.S.Rating shall continually improve information security controls in our rating process in response to any changes that may occur to applicable laws and/or ordinances as well as in the social environment and/or to any changes in the risks regarding information security.

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October 24, 2008
Makoto Miyoshi
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