I.S.Rating is the world's first rating company specialized in information security.

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I.S.Rating assigns a Rating Symbol indicating our assessment of the level of information security of the rated corporations and organizations. However, ratings are not meant to be taken as definite indications that future incidents will or will not occur. Our ratings are based on reliable information obtained from the rated entities. However, the accuracy, integrity and completeness of such ratings are not guaranteed. As a general rule, I.S.Rating conducts the rating service at the request and expense of the entity being rated.
Should there be an interest in creating a link to the I.S.Rating website, a request is to be made to I.S.Rating in advance (81-3-3273-8830). As a rule, the URL of I.S.Rating website for linking is restricted to http://www.israting.com/eng/index.html. (top page)
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