I.S.Rating is the world's first rating company specialized in information security.

Third-party evaluation scheme that replies to businesses' challenges

Information security is a crucial management challenge for enterprises. Especially for enterprises that handle confidential information, information leakage incidents might lead to the embarrassment to the existence of enterprises. This is because companies spend much money to enforce information security measures. However, it is difficult for them to see how much the security level has improved, which also does not always lead to reliance and evaluation from outside entities. There are constant in-house arguments as to how much effort the businesses should make. Our evaluation, done by a neutral third-party organization as it is, helps businesses deal with these kinds of challenges. We've decided to evaluate it by a"rating".

Fair and neutral rating scheme

Certification schemes targeting the environment, quality and information security, etc., ask whether the management level reaches a certain level or not. On the other hand, the rating scheme requires a more fair and neutral evaluation, because a clear difference is made depending on our assigned rating symbol. We have therefore aimed at fairness and neutrality since the planning stages when the company was established. It is a matter of course for us not to assign optimistic evaluations to enterprises and organizations who attempt to influence our rating. At the same time, it is also necessary for shareholders of our company to not be able to influence our rating. Accordingly, I.S.Rating doesn't have big shareholders, and we make it a rule that the controlling share of any one company/one company group should be less than 20%. This is why the number of our shareholders is large; so that each investment rate is low.

Social infrastructure that everyone can use

Even if enterprises and organizations acquire our "rating" for information security, if enterprises like business partners do not acknowledge it, the rating is useless. In this meaning, the first step is that the scheme should not be prepared and participated in by any specific company, but by many enterprises, which will lead to an increase in supporters. I.S.Rating has therefore asked for participation of shareholders from a broad range of enterprises beyond industry and company groups. I.S.Rating is committed to building a social infrastructure whereby everyone uses and respects each other through this rating scheme.

Rating standard taking full advantage of skills and experiences at leading companies

Many of our shareholders that became involved in the establishment of our company are leading companies for information security in Japanese industries. While they are engaged in enhancement of in-house information security systems, many of them also become involved with checking and auditing of security levels at their group companies and business partners. Thanks to their experiences and knowhow, our rating standard has been structured as a very concrete and useful one in business. In addition, a company that specializes in rating of creditworthiness, etc., participates in our business as one of our shareholders and helps us in creating a fair and neutral policy for rating.

Aiming at global standard from Japan

Guidelines for management and business transactions have been based on global standards of the West until today, and Japanese enterprises had no choice but to follow these standards. We are positioning our standard of rating to be accepted as one of the global standards in information security.
Today, many Japanese enterprises centering on manufacturing establish production bases around the world, including China and other parts of Asia, and then outsource broad workings, from development to production and marketing to local companies. We promise to commit ourselves to working with foreign enterprises that have overseas networks to facilitate our rating scheme, developed by Japanese businesses, and make it a global standard.

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